A Handbook of Animal Physiology

by E. M. Pantelouris. 1st edition, 255 pages, ill. London, Bailliere, Tindall and Cox (Williams & Wilkins Co., U. S. Distributors), 1957, $6.25

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This is a basic general text on animal physiology giving an outline of the main facts and showing the wide scope of the subject. The book can be recommended as a first introduction. The material in it was selected mainly from topics used in examination papers in Britain for Biological, Agriculture and Veterinary degrees. Different views on unsolved problems are shown. A well selected reading list which contains many comprehensive articles, including experimental techniques, in easily accessible journals, is given. The book is well printed and illustrated by many diagrams and line drawings. A perusal showed only one error on Page 159 where “kilogram” should be used instead of “gramme” for the number of calories obtained from the complete combustion of fats or carbohydrates. The price for an introductory text of this size is somewhat high.