Intestinal Protozoans and Helminths in Americans Residing in Southern Taiwan (Formosa)

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  • Naval Medical Research Unit No. 2, Taipei, Taiwan
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Our study indicates, as have others, that it is difficult to make evaluation of the influence of military duties and foreign residence upon the intestinal fauna of a given group of people since there are no suitable criteria or standards for comparison. Nonetheless our figures based upon an examination of a single stool specimen from each of 300 Americans indicate that military duties for the individual concerned in this study have exerted more influence on the incidence of intestinal fauna than has residence of their dependents in more restricted areas of Taiwan. With the exception of Ascaris, which occurred in 17 and 10 per cent, respectively, of the military personnel and their dependents, the over-all incidence of intestinal fauna is slightly greater than that recorded for a group of Navy personnel and dependents studied in the United States. The incidence of intestinal protozoans was low, due possibly to the common use of antibiotics by service personnel, and the large race was the predominant form of Entamoeba histolytica.