Isolation of Bunyamwera Virus from a Naturally Infected Human Being and Further Isolations from Aedes (Banksinella) Circumluteolus Theo.

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  • The Arthropod-Borne Virus Research Unit, South African Institute for Medical Research, Johannesburg
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  1. 1.The isolation of a strain of Bunyamwera virus from the blood of a naturally infected human being is described.
  2. 2.Following infection there was a significant increase in titer of both neutralizing and hemagglutination-inhibiting antibodies in tests controlled by the inactivated acute serum from which the virus was isolated.
  3. 3.The significance of Bunyamwera virus as a causative agent of disease in human beings is discussed.
  4. 4.Three strains of this virus were isolated from Aedes (Banksinella) circumluteolus mosquitoes and two of these were from insects collected during the same time period and in the same locality where the human case acquired infection.
  5. 5.Evidence is discussed which would indicate that this mosquito species is a potential vector of Bunyamwera virus.

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Address: South African Institute for Medical Research, P.O. Box 1038, Johannesburg, South Africa.