The Isolation and Identification of Turlock Virus in Tissue Culture

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  • Viral and Rickettsial Disease Laboratory, California State Department of Public Health, Berkeley 4, California
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The studies reported here show that the Turlock virus can be isolated in a culture system which utilizes trypsinized chick-embryo cells as the substrate for viral growth. Viral strains isolated by this technique can be rapidly identified in a colorimetric neutralization test based on the use of chick-embryo cells, a single dilution of the viral isolate and a single dilution of a pretested standard immune serum.

A series of 222 mosquito-pool suspensions was tested in parallel in mice and embryonated eggs and in chick-embryo-cell cultures; 12 strains of Turlock virus were recovered. The isolation results suggest that the tissue-culture method used was comparable in sensitivity to the mouse-embryonated-egg host system.