Host-Parasite Relations in Living Cells

A Symposium Sponsored by the James W. McLaughlin Fellowship Program, University of Texas, Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas, April 27, 1956, compiled and edited by Harriet M. Felton, M.D. 1st edition, 245 pages, illustrated. Spring-field, Ill., Charles C Thomas. 1957. $6.50

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This book reports a one-day conference designed to stimulate an interdisciplinary consideration of the general question of host-parasite relationships at the cellular level. Eight formal presentations, covering subjects ranging from the use of the electron microscope in the study of the host cell and the parasite to a summary of concepts of resistance of the parasite, comprise the body of the report, together with the discussions thereon. The participants are qualified to speak with authority—for example, R. Dulbecco and J. T. Syverton deal with “cytopathogenicity” and “immunity” from the viewpoint of the virologist. E. W. Dempsey and C. E. Georgi contribute papers on the role of the electron microscope. Other formal contributions are by J. H. Hanks, R. A. Good, R. J. Dubos, and M. G. Sevag. In the discussions the reader is left with the impression that time limitations curtailed exploitation of the process of crossfertilization.