Books Received

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An International Nomenclature of Yaws Lesions, by C. J. Hackett, with other experts. World Health Organization. English edition, 104 pages, ill. Geneva, World Health Organization, 1957, $4.00.

How to Write Scientific & Technical Papers, by Sam F. Trelease. 1st edition, 185 pages, ill. Baltimore, Williams & Wilkins Co., 1958, $3.25.

The Extent of Cancer Illness in the United States, (Pub. H. Serv. Publ'n. No. 547), Biometry Branch, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Md. 23 pages, ill. Washington, Government Printing Office, 1958, $0.25.

Neomycin, Its Nature and Practical Application, by S. A. Waksman and others. 412 pages, ill. Baltimore, Williams & Wilkins Co., 1958, $5.00.

Intermediate Hosts of Schistosoma: African Biomphalaria and Bulinus, by G. Mandahl-Barth. English edition, 132 pages, ill. Geneva, W.H.O. Monograph Ser., No. 37, 1958, $4.00.

Handbuch der Virusforschung, ed. by Prof. Dr. C. Hallauer, Bern, and Prof. Dr. K. F. Meyer, San Francisco. 688 pages, ill. Vienna, Springer-Verlag, 1958, $5.25.