A New Concept in Microscope Design for Tropical Medicine

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A microscope specially designed for tropical medicine must have certain particular qualities. It must be not only optically as perfect as possible but exceptionally robust to withstand the rough treatment of travel, light, and easily portable. It must be resistant to heat, humidity and dust, and capable of every operation within the range of any high-power microscope.

The instrument described in this article represents a completely new concept in microscope design and, together with a complete range of accessories, is considered to be practical and capable of undertaking any work within the range of the largest conventional instrument, and of undertaking some forms of work beyond the ability of any other microscope.

This microscope is based upon a prismatic system and a completely new design of stage. Fully equipped with standard low and high power and oil-immersion objectives, eyepiece and condenser, and with attachments for all accessories, it measures only 4 × 2½ × 2 inches, and weighs only 18 ounces.

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