Pharmacology for Medical Students in Tropical Areas

1st edition, by Roger A. Lewis, A.B., M.D., (Johns Hopkins), Formerly Visiting Professor of Pharmacology, Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College, Bombay, India, The Popular Book Depot, 1957. 524 pages. Rs 15.00

Hamilton H. Anderson
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This book is essentially a teaching manual and should serve as a suitable introduction to pharmacology undergraduates or medical students in tropical areas. It is a well-organized, concise text, reflecting a “running commentary … of the author's personal opinion.”

The contents were divided in traditional style into: A—General pharmacology, B—Chemotherapy of infectious disease, and C through I—Drugs acting on various systems. Section J, on the prevention or treatment of nutritional deficiencies, is of importance in the tropics. Sections K, L and M contain appendices in practical pharmacy, experimental pharmacology and table of drugs for adults and children. There is an index, but unfortunately no references are cited as documentation of views expressed by the author. To the isolated student with an inquiring mind, this is a real handicap. Fortunately, chemical structures are given and, in the Appendix, the terminology of Pharmacopeia Internationalis, published by the W.H.O., is used.

In contrast to the texts used in the U.S.A., some sections are relatively sparse, i.e., the chapter on General Anesthesia (10 pages), which would not serve adequately in the continental U.S.A.