Zinsser Bacteriology

11th Edition, by David T. Smith, Norman F. Conant, Joseph W. Beard, Hilda Pope Willett, John R. Overman, Ivan W. Brown, D. Gordon Sharp and Mary A. Poston; Duke University School of Medicine. 953 pages, illustrated. New York, Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc., 1957

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This classic, the first edition of which was written by Hiss and Zinsser and issued in 1910, has now had another major revision and face lifting. A number of new collaborators have helped Drs. Smith and Conant to bring the text up to date by adding a good deal of new material and by placing the older sections in a new perspective in relation to recent additions to our knowledge in the field. As indicated in the preface to this edition, the most rapid developments have been in the areas of bacterial physiology, immunology and viruses; the sections covering these areas have been completely rewritten and enlarged to accommodate the new material. There is also a new chapter on blood groups and immunohematology.The available information on susceptibility of different organisms to the newer antibiotics was brought up to date and, when information was available,references to the effects of adrenocortical hormones on specific infections were included.