Acta Leidensia

ed. by the School of Tropical Medicine, Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde, Leiden, The Netherlands. Vols. XXVI–XXVII, 218 and 128 pages, bound together. Illustrated. University Press, Leiden, 1957

L. W. Hackett
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The first volume contains 29 miscellaneous articles of which 16 are in English. Of interest are Dinger's discussions of alastrim, and the immunologic overlap in dengue and yellow fever; and van Thiel's and Laarman's papers on Toxoplasma. The second volume is entirely devoted to a pilot project of insecticide control of the A. punctulatus group (i.e. farauti, koliensis and clowi) and A. karwari in Netherlands New Guinea, which had greater success than anticipated, in view of the exophilic habits of these anophelines. This gives a full account of the vectors and of the holoendemic they cause.

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