Therapy of Trichuriasis and Ascariasis with Dithiazanine

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  • Louisiana State University School of Medicine, Charity Hospital of Louisiana, State Colony and Training School, New Orleans


Dithiasanine is an effective, oral, therapeutic agent for clinical and subclinical trichuriasis. This new anthelmintic is useful for mass therapy for trichuriasis. Since dithiazanine also has significant anthelmintic activity against A. lumbricoides, it is suitable for the treatment of mixed infections of trichuriasis and ascariasis, two helminthiases which frequently coexist in persons in endemic areas. An effective dosage of this drug for the therapy of trichuriasis and/or ascariasis is 20 mg per lb, with a maximum of 600 mg per day given in divided doses 3 times daily (i.e., 200 mg t.i.d.), for 5 or more days depending upon the size and severity of the infection. No serious side effects have occurred in several hundred children and adults treated with this anthelmintic.

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