Abstracts of papers read at the Sixth Annual Meeting

1:30 p.m., October 30. 1. THE TWENTY-SECOND ANNUAL CHARLES FRANKLIN CRAIG LECTURE: Malaria Eradication—Growth of the Concept and its Application. Louis L. Williams, Jr., U.S.P.H.S., Retired. Introduced by Justin M. Andrews.

2. A Note on Malaria Eradication in Ceylon. John M. Henderson, Savannah, Ga.

The Ceylon Malaria Eradication Program is generally described in terms of malaria reduction, subsequent malaria resurgence and revised operational plans to achieve eradication. The paper is based on information obtained during the author's visit to Ceylon in April, 1957, for the purpose of evaluating the malaria eradication program.

3. Pyrimethamine and Chloroquine in Salt as a Suppressive against Sporozoite-induced Chesson-strain vivax Malaria. G. Robert Coatney, Olaf Mickelson, Martin D. Young, Robert W. Burgess and Carl I. Pirkle, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Md.

4. The Development of Pyrimethamine Resistance in Human Malaria. Martin D. Young, National Institutes of Health, Columbia, S. C.