Man-Biting Mosquitoes in Coastal Liberia

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  • The Liberian Institute of the American Foundation for Tropical Medicine, Harbel, Liberia, West Africa


From mosquitoes collected in anthropophilic situations, 24 man-biting species are recorded with seasonal distribution and other biometric data, including six species of Anopheles, three of Mansonia, seven of Aedes and eight of Culex. Anopheles ziemanni, A. paludis and A. hancocki were dissected for malaria parasites in both midgut and salivary glands; all dissections were negative. Thoracic dissections for filarial larvae were also made on these three species. The only positive dissection was one A. paludis containing two second-stage larvae, possibly bancroftian.

Data from light trapping and larval collecting are included for four additional species, including two species of Anopheles and two of Culex. It is concluded that these four species do not feed on human blood in the area studied. Aedes (Aedimorphus) argenteopunctatus and Culex (Neoculex) galliardi are recorded from Liberia for the first time.

Author Notes

Present address: Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh 13, Pennsylvania, U. S. A.