Acute African Amebiasis: Clinical-Laboratory Studies and Response to MA-307

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  • University of California, The Natal Provincial Administration and University of Natal, San Francisco, California, South Africa


  1. 1.MA-307 in 600-mg daily, peroral doses over 10 days (followed by emetine hydrochloride, 0.065 gm injected daily for ⅔ usual total dosage in 7 patients) cleared 9 of 11 Bantus of E. histolytica and healed sigmoid ulcers in all during 27 days observation in hospital.
  2. 2.MA-307 used alone in acute dysentery had very little, if any, therapeutic effect after ten days of trial.
  3. 3.Increased alpha-2-globulin and gamma-globulin levels and some disturbance of zincsulfate and thymol turbidities were more common than abnormal cephalin flocculation or other tests in Bantus. Some enlargement of liver was encountered, but hepatic involvement was not obvious.