The Comparative Value of Emetine and Chloroquine in Amebic Liver Abscess

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  • Department of Medicine, University of Natal and the Amoebiasis Research Unit


Patients in whom the presence of an amebic liver abscess was confirmed by the aspiration of characteristic pus were treated in two groups with emetine or chloroquine. Of 19 cases given emetine all responded well initially and none relapsed. Sixteen patients were treated with chloroquine. Initial response was poor in 2 and they were given emetine with a satisfactory result. Four of the remaining 14 patients returned within six weeks with a recurrence of the abscess.

Author Notes

The Amoebiasis Research Unit is sponsored by the following bodies: The South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, The Natal Provincial Administration, The University of Natal, The United States Public Health Service (Grant E/1592).