Guide to Medical Writing. A Practical Manual for Physicians, Dentists, Nurses, Pharmacists

by Henry A. Davidson, M.D., editor, Journal of the Medical Society of New Jersey. 1st edition, 338 pages. New York, The Ronald Press Company, 1957. $5.00

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This is a useful book full of practical advice to professional people in the health field who have something they want to put in writing for publication. It is written by an editor and is full of examples of how not to say it, drawn from a long and somewhat discouraging experience. It includes specific instructions on abbreviations, spellings and capitals which bother a doctor; discusses the common grammatical mistakes which bother an editor, and even has a short essay on the practice of drawing fallacious conclusions from inadequate data which bothers a statistician and makes him despair of the medical profession. There is also technical information on how to prepare a manuscript, correct a proof and deal with editors and publishers. It is aimed strictly at practicing physicians, dentists, nurses and pharmacists. Another chapter or two might have made it useful also to medical scientists, but as it stands, it will not be of much value to them except in the most general way.