Specifications for Pesticides. Insecticides, Rodenticides, Molluscicides, and Spraying and Dusting Apparatus

400 pages, 22 figures, 4 tables. Geneva, World Health Organization, 1956. $8.00 (clothbound)

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This manual contains the various specifications established by the WHO Expert Committee on Insecticides for pesticides against vectors of diseases of man and for apparatus for applying them. It is intended to serve as a guide for users and manufacturers of these products and sprays. The first part gives specifications for technical grade insecticides, water-dispersible powders, emulsion concentrates and dusting powers, and for auxiliary chemicals (anti-louse chemicals, synergists and anti-oxidants). The next two parts deal with rodenticides and molluscicides and the fourth part gives specifications for compression sprayers, hand sprayers, stirrup-pump-type sprayers and for hand-carried and front-carried dusters.

The advertising leaflet states that “Annexes contain photographs and diagrams of various types of apparatus” but unfortunately nothing of the sort is included; they would have added to the value of the manual.

This volume supersedes the work on “Insecticides: Manual of Specifications” published in 1953 in a loose-leaf binder, and becomes the standard reference book in this field.