Leptospirosis of Man in the Isthmus of Panama

Preliminary Serological and Epidemiological Studies

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  • Clinica Raymond, Panama, R de P., and Rocky Mountain Laboratory, U.S. Public Health Service, Hamilton, Montana
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Preliminary studies have been made on the occurrence, epidemiology and clinical aspects of human leptospirosis in the Isthmus of Panama. Serological examination of 670 human sera from food-handler examinations, obstetric clinics and hospital patients indicated that human leptospirosis, probably involving 10 leptospiral serotypes, is present in Panama. Preliminary epidemiological data reveal no significant differences between the sexes with respect to leptospirosis, but a higher proportion of young adults showed antibodies than of older people. Significant differences also appeared among groups of different racial origins and from different geographical areas.

Author Notes

Clinica Raymond, Calle Ricardo Arias 2, Panamá, R. de P.

Formerly Communicable Disease Center, PHS, on cooperative project at Rocky Mountain Laboratory, Hamilton, Montana. Now at the Arctic Health Research Center, P. O. Box 960, Anchorage, Alaska.

Rocky Mountain Laboratory, Public Health Service, Hamilton, Montana.