Saudi Arabia—Epidemiological Notes on the Eastern Province

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  • Medical Department, Arabian American Oil Co. Dhahran, Saudi Arabia


These data were gathered over a period of 5 years from the out-patient and medical services of the Arabian American Oil Company. The main factors determining the health conditions of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia are the subtropical desert climate, the concentration of the settled population in limited areas in oases or along the coast, and the way of living of the people. The climatic and environmental factors characterizing the area are probably responsible for the absence of major epidemics, but such communicable diseases as tuberculosis, eye infections and various protozoal and helminthic parasitoses are endemic at a high level. The oil industry has given a sudden impulse to the development of the area, resulting in urbanization and increased traffic, but also in the creation of medical and public health facilities, and in an attempt to solve local problems by basic sanitation and education.