Isolation of Ilhéus Virus from Sabethes Chloropterus Captured in Guatemala in 1956

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  • Gorgas Memorial Laboratory, Panamá, R. P.
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In 1956 Rodaniche reported the first isolation of Ilhéus (Ilhéus encephalitis) virus in Central America and reviewed the literature. The virus was recovered from a pool of mosquitoes of the genus Psorophora, including principally P. ferox but also P. lutzii and P. varipes. In the present publication a brief report will be made of the isolation of this virus from Sabethes chloropterus captured in Guatemala in 1956. This finding is of interest because it represents the first isolation in Guatemala and the first from this species of mosquito.

The mosquitoes were captured by Drs. J. Boshell and G. Bevier of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau in the Motagua valley of Guatemala during the 1956 outbreak of jungle yellow fever there, and forwarded to the Gorgas Memorial Laboratory where they were classified. The principle objective of the investigation was the isolation of yellow fever virus, and the recovery of the Ilhéus virus was an incidental finding.