Discussion of the Paper by Drs. Weinstein and Jones

Clark P. Read School of Hygiene and Public Health, Johns Hopkins University

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Initially, it would seem that we might take exception to the last remark of Drs. Weinstein and Jones. This work represents much more than “only a beginning”. Rather, it represents an auspicious climax to ten years of labor on a difficult and, at times, discouraging problem. We have a story at Hopkins about Paul Weinstein. It is said that as a beginning graduate student, in the market for a suitable problem, he quietly announced that he intended growing Nippostrongylus, through its life cycle, in vitro. A fellow student's reaction was a scoffing, “You can't do that!”. With his usual courtesy Weinstein replied, “Oh, excuse me, I thought I could”.

These cultivation techniques for bringing Nippostrongylus to sexual maturity offer opportunities for tackling a number of problems in the biology of this helminth.

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