Peripatetic Parasitologist

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  • School of Public Health and Administrative Medicine, Columbia University, 600 W. 168th St. New York 32, N. Y.

Our great American parasitologist, C. W. Stiles, eschewed the laboratory refinements in the diagnosis of hookworm disease and in the early days maintained that on a walk through a streetcar he could pick out the hookworm diseased by their physical appearance. My remarks today on parasitic diseases the world over are somewhat in the same category, for I covered some 30,000 miles in six months. I considered calling this essay “Inside the Africans—South Americans, or even Arabs”, but whereas in science it would be “a complete bibliography”, in literature it would be called plagiarism.

Thanks to the World Health Organization, the Josiah Macy Fund, the American Arabian Oil Company and the Aluminum Company of America, I visited those countries in the Near East, Africa, South and Central America shown on the accompanying map. Usually I visited the capital city where arrangements had been made for me by the World Health Organization to discuss public health and medical problems with the Ministry of Health group.