Medical Research: A Midcentury Survey

Published for the American Foundation of 565 Fifth Avenue, New York City 17, and Westbrook, Connecticut, by Little Brown and Company, Boston and Toronto. 2 Volumes: Vol. 1—American Medical Research: in principle and practice pages 765; Vol. 2—Unsolved Clinical Problems: in biological perspective pages 740. Price $15.00

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In attempting to review so competent and comprehensive a survey by Esther Everett Lape and her associates Eleanor M. Phillips and Margaret Thomas Edgar, and the secretarial staff, Helen C. Hahn, Hazel Berry, and Evelyn R. Hahn, one thinks of Robert Louis Stevenson's remark on matrimony, that “when a man marries he domesticates the Recording Angel.” These 1504 pages convey a remarkable number of significant facts so well chosen and so skillfully presented as to excite awe as well as admiration.

Miss Lape's range and discrimination is apparent in the choice of the following names of the Committee of Consultants: Walter Bauer, George H. Bishop, Austin M. Brues, George W. Corner, Rene J. Dubos, C. A. Elvehjem, Louis F. Fieser, Thomas Francis, Jr., Ralph W. Gerard, Michael Heidelberger, William G. Lennox, Esmond R. Long, William S. McCann, Thomas Parran, Linus C. Pauling, John P. Peters, I. S. Ravdin, Francis O. Schmitt, Truman G. Schnabel, W. M. Stanley, DeWitt Stetten, Jr., E. L. Tatum, Stafford L. Warren, Paul A. Weiss, M. C. Winternitz, John B. Youmans.