Composting: Sanitary Disposal and Reclamation of Organic Wastes

by Harold B. Gotaas, Professor of Sanitary Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, California. Geneva, WHO, distributed in the U. S. A. by Columbia University Press, 2960 Broadway, New York 27, N. Y. 1956. Price Ł1 5 s., $5.00, Sw. fr. 15

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Much has been written about the fertilizing value of organic wastes, but with too little attention to the question of the danger to public health inherent in the disposal of wastes onto the land. This book emphasizes the principles underlying the safe disposal of community wastes, relating them at the same time to the factors governing the recovery of nutrients from the soil. The public health and economic aspects of composting are reviewed in their historical development from the earliest simple technics to the most modern mechanized processes. The methods of composting recommended for large towns, villages and individual farms are described and all concerned with the problems of disposal and reclamation—small farmer and municipal authority alike—will find this book an instructive and practical guide.