Recognition of Synthetic Oligopeptides from Nonstructural Proteins NS1 and NS3 of Dengue-4 Virus by Sera from Dengue Virus—Infected Children

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  • Departamento de Patologia Experimental, Centro de Investigacion y de Estudios Avanzados del Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Department of Virology, Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences, Mexico City, Mexico

The nonstructural proteins NS1 and NS3 from dengue virus are involved in the immune response during natural infection in humans. To analyze the immunogeneity of some epitopes present in NS1 and NS3 proteins from dengue virus type-4, six oligopeptides were synthesized; five from NS1 (NS1.1, NS1.2, NS1.3, NS1.4, and NS1.5) and one from NS3 (NS3.1). Peptides NS1.1, NS1.2, NS1.3, NS1.5, and NS3.1 were recognized by sera from dengue virus-infected children, suggesting that they represent exposed epitopes during natural dengue virus infection.