Bench Aids for the Diagnosis of Intestinal Parasites

World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland, 1995. Single set, 35 Sw. Fr. (approximately US $46). Price in developing countries, 24.50 Sw. Fr

George R. Healy
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These bench aids are composed of 10 individual, heavily laminated 8¼″ × 11½″ sheets which make them ideal for placement at the microscopist's elbow for the identification of common intestinal helminthic and protozoan parasites found in fecal specimens.

Sheet #1 has a general introduction on the identification of intestinal parasites on one side. The obverse shows a detailed procedure for the calibration of the ocular micrometer, an important tool in the measurement of organisms.

The following nine sheets (or plates) have color photomicrographs on one side, with instructions or techniques on the other side.

Plates #1 though #4 have nine photomicrographs on each, showing nematode, cestode and trematode eggs found in fecal specimens. Included is a picture of Strongyloides larva, and photos of Schistosoma haematobium eggs, normally found in urine.

Plates #5 through #9 each have 12 photomicrographs, featuring the morphology of stained and unstained commensal and pathogenic protozoan parasites in fecal specimens.