Modern Parasitology: A Text of Parasitology

edited by F. E. G. Cox, second edition. Blackwell Scientific Publications, Inc., Cambridge, MA, 1993, 276 p. $36.95 paperback

Dr. John Richard Seed Department of Epidemiology School of Public Health University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7400

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This textbook consists of 10 chapters written by highly respected senior scientists, all of whom have made major contributions to the field of parasitology. The first three are on systematic descriptions of) the medically important protozoa (Chapter 1), the helminths (Chapter 2), and vectors (Chapter 3). The fourth chapter is on epidemiology and this is followed by chapters on biochemistry (Chapter 5), molecular biology and molecular genetics (Chapter 6), physiology and nutrition (Chapter 7), immunity (Chapter 8), chemotherapy (Chapter 9) and finally control methods (Chapter 10). The text is written for undergraduate and graduate students taking their first parasitology course. The first three chapters are basically brief listings and descriptions of the various taxa of human parasites and their vectors. These chapters lack details. For example, in Chapter 2 additional information and specific examples on the use of isoenzymes in helminth taxonomy as well as more examples on parasite and host circadian and diurnal rhythms would have been helpful.