Atlas of Medical Parasitology, Third Edition, edited by Viquar Zaman, 250 pages, illustrated. Singapore University Press, Kent Ridge, Singapore 0511, 1992. Ophthalmic Parasitology, edited by B. H. Kean, Tsieh Sun, and Robert M. Ellsworth. 233 pages, illustrated. Igaku-Shoin Medical Publishers, Inc., New York, N. Y. 10010 $110.00

William A. Sodeman Jr. The Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, Ohio 43699-0008

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Atlases illustrating tropical diseases and parasites have been a staple for decades. Where extraordinarily unusual diseases are involved, they may provide the only illustration that many of us will ever see of a problem. In addition, new imaging techniques continually improve the illustrations of parasites and tropical diseases. The Atlas of Medical Parasitology is a stunning collection of images of parasites placed together with a relatively undistinguished set of illustrations of life cycles. This atlas, which is in its third edition, could only achieve its superb illustrations at an affordable price through its publication in Singapore. It is a highly recommended source, particularly for scanning electron micrographs of common parasites. The Color Atlas/Text of Ophthalmic Parasitology is an equivalently elegant publication which directs its attention to a very restricted area of parasitic disease. It also can be recommended as a reference work.

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