Paul Chester Beaver, Ph.D. ASTMH Member, 1944–1993

It is with sadness and a sense of awe that we announce the death on December 23, 1993 of Dr. Beaver. For 20 years this remarkable man served as Editor of the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. So profound has been his impact, in the minds of many the publication and the man are inseparable. Other editors have been greatly influenced by precedents set by Dr. Beaver during his long tour at the helm of the Journal. Procedures have changed and computers have replaced the typewriter in the back of Dr. Beaver's office, but the standards he established for accuracy, relevance and scientific quality continue to be those we endeavor to meet today. Even during the last months Dr. Beaver remained at Tulane, he continued to review an occasional manuscript and be interested in the Journal, providing sage and sometimes pointed insights on what was appearing in its pages.