World-Wide Malaria Distribution, Prevalence, and Control

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  • The Rockefeller Foundation

Among all the plagues that afflict mankind, malaria has long been a leader. Today it is under an attack so widespread and determined that one can safely predict an early end to its supremacy. This paper discusses the world distribution and prevalence of malaria and the status of its control.

World Distribution.

Very likely, malaria reached its maximum world coverage sometime between 1880, when it was endemic in southern Canada, and 1920 when it approached the Arctic Circle in Russia. Hirsch (1883) set the northern limit of malaria in the Americas at Kingston, Ontario, on the shore of Lake Ontario (48° 8′ N.) with occasional epidemics at Lake St. Peter on the St. Lawrence River (48° 10′ N.). Davidson (1892) stated that “Kingston and Toronto, situated on Lake Ontario, are undoubtedly malarious, although in a minor and diminishing degree.”