Nutrition in India

by Dr. V. N. Patwardhan. 345 pp. Bombay: The Indian Journal of Medical Sciences, 1952. Rs 15-8

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This book is, as the author states in the preface, “a review of work done in India in nutrition and allied subjects during the last forty years or more.” As such it deals with Indian foods—their production, preparation, and nutritive value; the nutritional status of Indian children as shown by nutrition surveys; basal metabolism studies of Indian adults; descriptions of deficiency and dietary diseases found in the country; and finally, a brief history of nutrition in public health practice and the author's views on the question of population increase in relation to food supplies.

Although the presentation is not highly technical, it is obviously intended for readers with a knowledge of nutrition. The book should be useful in orienting health workers to the food and nutrition situation in India. Research workers may find in the book references to work either not previously published or published only in reports not readily available.