Survey of Mosquitoes Captured in Honduras for Yellow Fever Virus

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  • Gorgas Memorial Laboratory, Panama, R. P.

An epizootic among the monkeys of the north coast of Honduras was reported beginning in December of 1953 and continuing into the late summer of 1954. The cause was assumed to be yellow fever and in two instances pathological confirmation of this diagnosis was obtained. Similar epizootics have occurred in other Central American countries in recent years (Elton, 1952; Yellow Fever Conference, 1955). Full details concerning this epizootic may be found in the report of Trapido and Galindo, 1955, and need not be repeated here.

Plans were made to capture and test mosquitoes from the affected area for yellow fever virus with a view to the identification of a possible natural vector. All mosquito collections were carried out by Drs. H. Trapido and P. Galindo, who have described methods of capture and location of the collecting sites in the report previously cited. Collections were made in August and early September of 1954.