DDT das Insektizid Dichlordiphenyltrichlorăthan und seine Bedeutung

Vol. 1. Paul Müller, ed., and authors P. Müller, Basel; V. B. Wigglesworth, Cambridge; E. Bernfus, Wien; O. Wälchli, St. Gallen; V. Butovitsch, Bromma. 299 pp. (In German) Basel, Verlag Birkhäuser, 1955. SFr. 37.50; paper, S.Fr. or D.M. 33.30

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This volume edited by a Nobel prize winner in medicine and the discoverer of DDT, Dr. Paul Müller, is the first of three volumes dealing with the many aspects of this remark-able insecticidal chemical. The book is divided into five parts.

Part I, by Dr. Müller, presents in detail the studies leading to the discovery of DDT as an insecticide. The chemical and physical properties of DDT, proof of its structure, and methods—both chemical and biological—for its determination are fully described.

Part II deals with the mode of action of DDT on insects by the internationally recognized insect physiologist, Professor V. B. Wigglesworth of Cambridge University. This section is in English, the others are all in German with an English summary. Entry of DDT through the insect cuticle, distribution within the body, symptoms of poisoning, action of DDT on the nervous system, metabolism of DDT and acquired resistance are all discussed in a full and comprehensive manner.