Mosquitoes of North America (North of Mexico)

by Stanley J. Carpenter and Walter J. LaCasse. 360 pp. with 127 plates and 288 text figures. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1955. $10.00

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This book is a detailed, modern taxonomic consideration of the mosquito fauna of North America. It is the most valuable contribution of its type published to date on the mosquitoes of this region. The illustrations of details of morphology and full plate illustrations of females of selected species are outstanding and invaluable. The publisher's presentation is excellent. The taxonomic sections, including detailed descriptions, illustrations and keys, are very well organized and complete. Every effort has been made to present material so it will be convenient to the workers concerned with mosquito identification. The index is systematic, allowing ready reference to species and taxonomic groupings.

It should be emphasized that this is not a definitive work on the biology or medical importance of mosquitoes, and the authors make no such claim in the text, although the publisher does on the book jacket. A more complete development of these areas of knowledge would have been valuable.