The Natural History of Tsetse Flies, An Account of the Biology of the Genus Glossina (Diptera)

by Patrick A. Buxton, C.M.G., F.R.S., London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. xx + 816 pp. with 47 plates and 165 text figures. London: H. K. Lewis and Co. Ltd., 1955, price £4.4s

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This volume presents a most thorough, comprehensive and modern discussion of the vast literature and experience with reference to tsetse flies. It is a monument to the importance of tsetse flies as vectors of infections of man and animals which have retarded the effective social and economic development of much of Africa. Comparison with earlier monographs in this field indicates the tremendous advances that have been made and the outstanding organizational and interpretive contribution of the author. This book is not designed as a quick source of superficial knowledge for the casual reader but rather provides a most comprehensive and detailed consideration of every facet of the subject for students and professionals concerned with this or related problems.

The approach has been to associate field and laboratory observations so that they are complementary rather than divorced. Generalities applying to all species are fully developed and facts peculiar to individual fly species, vegetation, fauna, climate or area are differentiated.