Planning for Seattle: The Astmh Council Retreat in Perspective

In the September and October issues of the Journal, there are summaries from the five Working Groups that participated in the retreat held last February to examine the missions and goals of the Society. On a superficial level, the purpose of publishing these summaries is to inform the membership about the retreat. On a deeper level, the purpose of publishing these summaries is to stimulate an open dialog about the issues that they raise.

A Sense of Identity. The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene is the only American organization in which all aspects of tropical medicine are represented. Its annual meeting is the only American meeting at which the cloning of tropical pathogens is presented alongside clinical tropical medicine, disease control strategies and entomological field studies. If the unique niche of the Society is that it alone encompasses the spectrum of tropical medicine, how do we maintain that perspective as we plan for the future?