Population Dynamics of Loa Loa and Mansonella Perstans Infections in Individuals Living in an Endemic Area of the Congo

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  • ORSTOM, Department Sante, ORSTOM, La Paz, Bolivia

A followup of Loa loa and Mansonella perstans microfilaremia was carried out in an adult population living in a highly endemic area of the Congo. Infection rates and parasite loads were found to be stable in the general population, both in the short-term (two months) and long-term (3–4 years) followup. The microfilarial status of most of the subjects examined did not change between tests. At the individual level, the microfilarial densities of L. loa and M. perstans also remained remarkably constant over time. This results in a qualitative and quantitative stability of the parasitic material available for the vectors.