Dr. Scott Halstead's Presidential Address, “… and Hygiene? Our Once and Future Mission” opens this issue of the Journal, and introduces, or reintroduces, some ideas that should be carefully examined by not only members of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene but by all readers of this Journal who have an interest in health and disease as it impacts the developing tropics. This detailed evaluation of the history and mission of the ASTM&H provides some fascinating insights into the nature of the organization and the initial philosophies that were important when it was founded. The prevention and control of human disease was considered to be pivotal when our two parent societies joined in 1952. Over the years, a number of Society Presidents have used the Presidential Address to remind us of this commitment, and at times to chastise us for our failure to recognize and deal with what is arguably the most important issue faced by the members of our organization.