Introduction to the 1991 Astmh Presidential Address

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  • Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Washington DC

Ladies and gentlemen, colleagues and friends, I have two good reasons to be delighted to introduce this year's Presidential address. First, of course, is that our President, Scott Halstead, is an old friend and mentor-indeed, it seems that hardly a Thanksgiving went by in Bangkok without Scott sharing our tom yam and turkey. Secondly, I have read his prepared speech, and I can assure you that it is sublime.

Scott began his life in a time zone opposite this one and over the ensuing 60 years, he, his household goods, and his family have repeatedly careened to and fro between Asia and the northeast United States. However, it can reasonably be argued that through it all Scott has simply been following his destiny. His parents were Methodist missionaries in Lucknow, India, where Scott was born and raised as a toddler. In an article written on their return to New York, a local newspaper referred to Scott's father as a “Young Exponent of the Ghandi Movement.”