Introduction to the 1990 Astmh Presidential Address of John R. David as Delivered by Alan Sher, National Institutes of Health

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It's a special pleasure for me to be introducing this year's presidential address, since our president, John David, is both a former mentor and close friend. In the next few minutes I hope to convince you of my own belief that John is one of the most accomplished and interesting individuals to head our society. Indeed, I would guess that in both his scientific and personal background John is truly unique amongst those who have served as ASTMH president.

John David's roots are in the European intelligentsia of the 1930s. He was born in Middlesex, England, but spent a good portion of his early childhood in France. At the outbreak of the second World War, John's parents moved the family from England to the United States. John arrived on the last convoy of civilians to leave Britain and cross the by-then dangerous Atlantic. John's father, who was a well-known film producer, settled the family in Hollywood, where John finished his secondary school education.

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