Cutaneous leishmaniasis in Niger

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  • Faculté des Sciences de la Santé, Institut Marchoux, Direction de l'Hygiène et de la Médecine Mobile, Service d'Histopathologie, Institut Pasteur, Niamey, Niger
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This is the first report of Cutaneous leishmaniasis in Niger subsequent to the initial finding in 1911 and the report of a second case in 1943. The clinical, histopathological, and epidemiological features of 64 parasitologically confirmed cases are described. Lesions were mostly multiple, situated on exposed areas of skin, but rarely on the face. Two clinical forms were predominant: ulcero-crusted and humid-ulcerous. Nodular lymphangitis was not uncommon. Patients were mostly from rural areas, but urban transmission did occur. The majority of lesions appeared during the June–October rainy season. All features appeared to be similar to those of this disease in other countries in the sahelian endemic zone.