The Abroviruses: Epidemiology and Ecology

edited by Thomas P. Monath. Volume I, x + 329 pages; Volume II, viii + 272 pages; Volume III, viii + 234 pages; Volume IV, viii + 234 pages; Volume V, viii + 241 pages; illustrated, indexed in each volume. CRC Press, 2000 Corporate Boulevard NW, Boca Raton, FL 33431. 1988. $129.00 U.S., $155.00 outside U.S., per volume

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The 5 volumes contain 51 chapters, sequentially numbered and varying in length from 9 to 94 pages. In the foreword of each of the 5 volumes, the editor states, “The complexity of arbovirus ecology requires a fundamental understanding of the influence of each of the multiple components (virus, vector, viremic host, clinical host, and environment) on infection and transmission cycles. The first volume, devoted to the variables which affect arbovirus transmission, provides this background and also contains guidelines for the design of future epidemiological investigations. Armed with these general principles, the student, teacher, or research worker will be able to structure specific knowledge about individual arbovirus infections found in Volumes II through V.” The editor specifies that the presentations are limited to those diseases transmitted by arthropods and include approximately 50 of the most important pathogenic viruses. This foreword is dated October 1986.

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