This list was terminated on 23 March 1990 when the June 1990 issue was sent to press. Volume 42 will contain 92 articles. With the exception of the presidential address and the Soper lecture, all manuscripts have been seen and evaluated by 2 or more members of the Editorial Board or other colleagues as listed below. In addition they have seen others that are still in the review process or have been rejected.

Members of the Editorial Board during this period were Ronald L. Anthony, A. S. Benenson, Donald S. Burke, Charles H. Calisher, Allen Cheever, David F. Clyde, Daniel Connor, Joel M. Dalrymple, James L. Hardy, David P. Jacobus, Rodney C. Jung, Llewellyn J. Legters, Steven Meshnick, Franklin A. Neva, Robert E. Shope, Mette Strand, Diane W. Taylor, Harold Trapido, Bryce C. Walton, Thomas H. Weller, and Thomas M. Yuill.

Other members of the American scientific community who have served as referees in their particular areas of expertise include Libero Ajello, Leslie B. Altstatt, Fausto G. Araujo, Lawrence W. Ash, Abdu F. Azad, Richard H. Baker, Paul C. Beaver, Jonathan D. Berman, Maridey H. Boyer, Gary H. Campbell, Brian A. Catto, Kwang-Po Chang, J. D. Chulay, Barnett L. Cline, William E. Collins, John H. Cross, David F. Cruess, Robert S. Desowitz, Dickson Despommier, Barbara Doughty, Wilbur G. Downs, Herbert L. DuPont, Mark L. Eberhard, Ned Egen, Coy D. Fitch, Jacob K. Frenkel, Thomas E. Frothingham, Duane J. Gubler, Richard L Guerrant, George V. Hillyer, Richard B. Hornick, James B. Jensen, Richard D. Kreutzer, James W. LeDuc, M. D. Little, William B. Lushbaugh, J. Joseph Marr, E. H. Michelson, J. Glenn Morris, Jr., Theodore E. Nash, Phuc Nguyen-Dinh, Eric A. Ottesen, Robin D. Powell, Isabella A. Quakyi, Peter Rasmussen, Jonathan I. Ravdin, William C. Reeves, William K. Reisen, Peter M. Schantz, G. Thomas Strickland, Hugh R. Taylor, Wayne H. Thompson, William Trager, Franz Von Lichtenberg, Thomas E. Walton, McWilson Warren, Douglas J. Wear, B. T. Weilde, Peter F. Weller, Jeffrey F. Williams, Phillip E. Winter, Charles L. Wisseman, Jr., and Thomas M. Yuill.