Changes in Antischistosomal Drug Usage Patterns in Rural Qalyubia, Egypt

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  • School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Tulane University, New, Qalyub Center for Field and Applied Research, Qalyub Bilharziasis Project, Ministry of Health, Orleans, Louisiana, Egypt

To investigate the usage of antischistosomal drugs in the Nile Delta, an antischistosomal drug history was obtained by interview from a sample of inhabitants of the villages of Halaba (1,024, or every 4th household) and Kharkania (505, or every 20th household), south-central Nile Delta. Only 3% and 0.4% of participants, respectively, in the 2 villages reported receiving antischistosomal drugs during the previous 4 years. Most villagers received oral compounds (praziquantel and niridazole), and the treatment regimen was completed by 95%. This study reveals changes in antischistosomal drug usage since a study 8 years earlier in the village of Halaba, when most of the drugs were injectable compounds.