Neurocysticercosis in Panama: Preliminary Epidemiologic Study in the Azuero Region

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  • Neurology Service, Santo Tomas Hospital, Division of Epidemiology, Gorgas Memorial Laboratory, Neurology Service, Complejo Hospitalario Metropolitano-CSS, Parasitic Diseases Branch, Center for Infectious Diseases, Communicable Disease Center, Panama, Republic of Panama
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Neurocysticercosis was not been reported from Panama until 1984. The first documented case was a 5-year-old male who lived with his family in a typical subsistence agriculture environment lacking all sanitary amenities. Pigs and other animals ranged freely in and around the home. This report concerns clinical studies of the patient and his family conducted 4 years later. The index case had neurologic sequelae and was strongly seropositive. A cerebral CT scan revealed multiple intracerebral calcifications. Three family members had antibody to Cysticercus detected by immunoblot assay. A 7-year-old seropositive sister had an intracerebral calcification detected by CT scan. All 6 family members had completely normal neurologic examinations.