Larva Migrans then

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  • UCLA School of Public Health, Los Angeles, California 90024

Paul Beaver, in the first major review paper he wrote on larva migrans in 1956, made reference to a quote by that eminent biologist-parasitologist Arthur Looss in 1911 which perhaps has summarized the basic philosophy of Dr. Beaver in his approach to parasite research in general over the past 6 decades: “What I wish here to emphasize is that a correct knowledge of the diseases of man caused by worms and all that is connected with them, is the more difficult to attain the more the parasites of animals are ignored.”

Paul Beaver had great admiration for Looss, who was the first person to study in detail the tissue migration and development of the nematode Ancylostoma duodenale. In a biographical note about Looss, Baylis, in 1924, summarized him as follows: “Looss' enthusiasm and energy as a research worker have probably seldom been surpassed, and all his work was characterized by a painstaking attention to detail that is unfortunately rare.”