The Biology of Schistosomes from Genes to Latrines

edited by David Rollinson and Andrew J. G. Simpson. xxi + 472 pages, illustrated. Academic Press, 24–28 Oval Road, London NW17DX, UK. 1987. $37.00

William A. Sodeman, Jr. School of Medicine in Shreveport Louisiana State University, Shreveport, Louisiana 71130

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Interest in schistosomiasis has been high over several decades. The volume of work and the attendant publication is huge. Even workers in the field are staggered by the volume of material being published concerning aspects of this parasite that fall outside of their own foci of interest. The health worker who deals with schistosomiasis as one of many problems may be hopelessly lost in this avalanche.

This concise, multi-authored text fills an important gap in the literature of this disease. It offers a detailed introduction to most aspects of the biology, pathophysiology, and epidemiology of this parasite. It is clear, readable and well indexed.

The editors have done a yeoman task, keeping the various presentations complete but concise and limiting overlap. There is some unevenness of style, which is not unusual with multiple authors. The illustrations are ample and clear. There are a minimum of typographical errors. The points of controversy have generally been fairly handled.