Presence of Antibodies to the Major Surface Glycoprotein of Trypanosoma cruzi Amastigotes in sera from Chagasic Patients

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  • Department of Pathology and Kaplan Cancer Center, New York University Medical Center, New York, New York 10016
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The surface of amastigote forms of Trypanosoma cruzi is covered by a stage-specific glycoprotein, Ssp-4. We show that Y strain-derived Ssp-4 is recognized by antibodies in sera from Chagasic patients. All 51 sera reacted with the surface of amastigotes by indirect immunofluorescence assays and immunoprecipitated Ssp-4. The human antibodies inhibited the binding of monoclonal antibodies to Ssp-4 in immunoradiometric assays, suggesting that the corresponding region of the molecule may be conserved among distinct strains of the parasite.