Antisera, Toxoids, Vaccines and Tuberculins in Prophylaxis and Treatment

by H. J. Parish, M.D., F.R.C.P.E., D.P.H. Clinical Research Director, Wellcome Foundation Ltd.; formerly Bacteriologist, Wellcome Research Laboratories. 3rd edition: 227 pages, illustrated, with 19 in color. Baltimore, Williams and Wilkins Co. for the Wellcome Foundation Ltd. 1954. Price $5.00

Max S. Marshall
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The third edition of this little book, first published in 1948, is a worthy omen. The book is improving. Originally called Bacterial and Virus Diseases, a misnomer, the present title indicates the topic which has been the goal from the start, a discussion of specific biologic products: vaccines, serums, and skin test products. This is the best organized of the three editions and is the first to show signs of orderly cohesion.

The essentials of a biologic product other than the prinicples are: (1) the manufacture, (2) the bases of true or analogous standardization and tests for safety, (3) the rationale of use, (4) the application, and (5) a critical evaluation. Some of this is given for most of the biologic products, written with the usual British clarity and presented on the whole conservatively. Since biologic products are given remarkably little analytic consideration anywhere, even in medical meetings, the facts included herein are all valuable and, within the limits of facts, authoritative.