La Toxoplasmosl

by Paolo Tolentino and Antonio Bucalossi, of the University of Genoa Medical School. 281 pages, 70 illustrations. Il Pensiero Scientifico, Via Salaria 237, Rome, Italy. 1954. IL 2,500, about $4.00

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The authors, who are specialists in infectious diseases and in ophthalmology respectively, present an inclusive and up to date review of toxoplasmosis. They discuss in detail the biology of the organism, clinical aspects of human infection and disease, immunology, pathology, differential diagnosis, diagnostic tests, prognosis, therapy, epidemiology and animal hosts. Even to readers only moderately familiar with Italian this review can be most useful since it brings together in accessible form the contributions of 500 authors from Europe, America and elsewhere. The accuracy of reporting is high and adequate in detail, the approach in general quite critical, and the conclusions practical and sensible. Mention is also made of observations and of clinical entities ascribed to toxoplasmosis, but of doubtful nature. The illustrations are generally adequate. The author index and literature cited are very helpful. Readers of Italian should feel fortunate to have available such an extensive and discriminating monograph on toxoplasmosis.